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We offer top-notch products based on countless years of experience.

Grafitto 2000

It consists of acrylic resins, fillers, granules and Italian quartz pebble in sizes
Round graded and with a high degree of purity to obtain the desired shape
In addition to multiple chemical additives that prevent any welds from occurring when used
The material is in addition to preventing the material from rotting inside its containers for a period of up to 42 months during storage
With the optimal properties of the material


Plastic 2000

High quality plastic wall paint based on acrylic copolymer emulsion
(Conforms to Saudi standard specifications for exterior plastic paints)


Granulite 2000

White is made from carefully selected natural marble granules and adhesive materials
Acrylic with high bond strength.
 Easy to clean and wash and highly resistant to abrasion and abrasion
 Resistant to flame as well as resistant to acids and alkalis
 Available in more than 51 colors of the masterpieces of natural color mixtures


Polish 2000

Glossy exterior and interior paint that is mainly made of vinyl acetate and acrylic and contains a high percentage of
Pigments and titanium oxides, which gives this material the property of high coverage of various surfaces
Buccato is a modern material that is resistant to various weather factors and resistant to algae and bacteria.


Acrylic 2000

Acrylic is one of the leading manufacturers in the field
(Emulsion paints) and polymers are completely lightfast, resist heat, oils and grease


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